VA Application Development

Design and Development of Video Analytics (VA) Applications
Video although a rich source of data is severely underutilized . CCTV cameras are carpeting the premises – commercial and residential alike and filling up stacks of costly data storage. This system is inefficient even for CCTV’s primary purpose i.e. surveillance . Presently, CCTV’s record for evidence without any value addition to everyday lives. Awidit Systems helps organizations, governmental and non-governmental, explore how they can make video available to them more useful. Our clients today use video analytics for actively monitoring premises, monitoring sales productivity and understanding customers.

VA Data Analytics

Develop Relevant Metrics Over VA Data
While video analytics engine churns rich data from video in real-time, it is difficult to analyze and derive value from such huge amount of data. Not only the data available is huge, its meaning and importance varies with industries and applications.
At Awidit Systems, we are also leading industry efforts to develop metrics enterprises can look at, and benefit from video analytics. We work with enterprises using video analytics and help them make sense of data and develop organizational capability to do it on sustained basis. We also have a product offering in retail domain to enable us to deliver value to the client at a faster pace.