Monitoring vs. Recording

Get real-time alerts on your phone
Awiros is a real-time video analytics engine capable of generating security alerts as defined by users right at their smartphone screens, transforming a CCTV camera from a recording device into an actively monitoring intelligence.


Intrusion detection
Set alerts for intrusion into a restricted area or across a restricted line by drawing lines in the camera view
Tampering Alerts
Get alerts when if camera is obstructed or if surveillance set up is tampered including camera, DVR and Awiros box.
Loitering Detection
Get alerts if the time spent by any individual exceeds over a specified threshold, preventing suspicious behavior before crime.
People Counting
Capture and count people at different entrances simultaneously, using multiple cameras. Set alerts for more than a certain number.
Restricted Access
Restrict access in demarcated areas and time intervals by setting relevant alerts across camera views
Direction Filter
Set alerts for direction of movement of individuals and restrict individuals from moving out or in

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