Measure customer interest

Turn CCTVs into measurement tools
Awiros uses in-store CCTV cameras to measure footfalls and dwell time of customers across all sections under camera surveillance . Footfalls and dwell time together give retailers customer interest.

Analyze footfall metrics

Using Awiros footfall analytics dashboard
Drive productivity of space, visual merchandizing and customer engagement with excellent data visualization of multiple footfall metrics across every square foot of the retail store.

Benefits or Features


Increased Revenue

Monitors shoppers preferences
Awiros monitors shoppers preferences closely and gives an accurate picture of hot-zones in the store, over different time scales. This information helps in deciding end-cap locations and product placement to boost the sales of most favorable and profitable products.

Improved Sales Forecasting

Growth of Omni Channel Retail
With the growth of omni-channel retail and increasing retail competition, shoppers tend to explore their options before making a final purchase. Number of shopper visits and dwell time helps in forecasting and planning for overall sales for a product.

Insightful Metrics

Provides Actionable Metrics
Awiros provides a number of actionable metrics at a fine-granularity to help stores and manufacturers gather feedback on “Pricing, Packaging and Placement” of their products. Some of the metrics provided by Awiros are shelf footfall, dwell time at each shelf and conversion rate.