About Awiros

Awiros, which is a Video Processing Unit, is connected to the cameras at the installation location. The VPU supports various Computer-Vision Apps (CVApps), catering to the several independent requirements. CVApps convert CCTV video into frame level metadata, containing informations about relevant objects, their paths and trajectories. This metadata is then sent to our cloud servers over the internet, which runs an artificial intelligence engine to identify, predict and locate target objects. For sensitive applications, we also provide and option to install the technology stack work in purely offline mode with local servers.

The data generated through a synchronised combination of VPU-metadata and artificial intelligence engine is made available through a scalable and interactive web-dashboard. The web dashboard runs using NodeJS server, and the latest web frameworks for the user Interface. Awiros android App provides easy to use medium for receiving real-time surveillance alerts.

about awiros

About Awidit Systems

Awidit Systems is building technology platforms that are at the intersection of Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things to unravel the power of video-as-data for all its customers in diverse areas.

Video is expected to account for about 80% of all internet traffic by 2019, according to a report by Cisco. However, video is stored, streamed and consumed ''as is'' by human eyes and minds, with little or no inference by our computing resources. To bridge this gap, Awidit is building technologies to make sense of video through syntactic understanding of its content, by identifying and cataloging actions, people and other objects.

One of the largest sources of video content is the ubiquitous surveillance cameras, which generate about 800 petabytes of video every single day globally. Awidit's primary focus is to convert surveillance video into tangible information for its clients in areas such as modern retail, home security and enterprise surveillance. Awidit's technology platform is available in the form of an analytical dashboard and custom mobile apps, which provide data as well as real-time mobile alerts in case of abnormal activities.

The Team
Ashish Bhatt
Paurush Dubey
Piyush Bansal
Rashmi Rai
Ravi Kumar
Rushali Saroch
Saransh Karira
Sidharth Sindhra
Sutapa Sikdar
Vikram Gupta
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